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Vertaal uit Frans en Spaans

Gustavo Adolfo Becquer


Tu pupila es azul y, cuando ríes,
su claridad süave me recuerda
el trémulo fulgor de la mañana
que en el mar se refleja.

Tu pupila es azul y, cuando lloras,
las transparentes lágrimas en ella
se me figuran gotas de rocío
sobre una vïoleta.

Tu pupila es azul, y si en su fondo
como un punto de luz radia una idea,
me parece en el cielo de la tarde
una perdida estrella.

Portrait by his brother

Gustavo Adolfo Domínguez Bastida, better known as Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, (Seville February 17, 1836; Madrid (December 22, 1870) was an Andalusian post-romanticist writer of poetry and short stories, now considered one of the most important figures in Spanish literature. He adopted the alias of Bécquer as his brother Valeriano Bécquer, a painter, had done earlier. He was associated with the post-romanticism movement and wrote while realism was enjoying success in Spain. He was moderately well known during his life, but it was after his death that most of his works were published.


When you laugh, the blue of your eyes

turns into a clear morning

glowing and shimmering,

reflected in the sea.

When you cry, the blue of your eyes

fills with lucid tears,

trembling dewdrops

on a violet.

When you think, the blue of your eyes

radiates a point of light,

a star losing itself

in the darkening evening sky.

Translator: De Waal Venter


Alfred de Musset

Je suis perdu

Je suis perdu, vois-tu,
je suis noyé,
inondé d’amour;
je ne sais plus si je vis,
si je mange,
si je respire,
si je parle;
je sais que je t’aime.

Alfred de Musset

Alfred de Musset

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alfred Louis Charles de Musset-Pathay (11 December 1810 – 2 May 1857) was a French dramatist, poet, and novelist. Along with his poetry, he is known for writing La Confession d’un enfant du siècle (The Confession of a Child of the Century, autobiographical) from 1836.

Ek is verlore, weet jy.
ek het verdrink
deurspoel met liefde;
ek weet nie of ek leef nie,
of ek eet nie,
of ek asem haal,
of praat nie;
maar ek weet ek het jou lief.

Vertaler: De Waal Venter


Jacques Prévert

Paris en nuit

Trois allumettes une à une allumées dans la nuit
La première pour voir ton visage tout entier
La seconde pour voir tes yeux
La dernière pour voir ta bouche
Et l’obscurité tout entière pour me rappeler tout cela
En te serrant dans mes bras.

Jacques Prévert

Jacques Prévert
4 February 1900 – 11 April 1977) was a French poet and screenwriter.
Prévert was born at Neuilly-sur-Seine and grew up in Paris. After receiving his Certificat d’études attesting to his having completed his primary education, he quit school and went to work in Le Bon Marché department store in Paris. Then, he was called up for military service in 1918 and after the war was sent to the Near East.
He died in Omonville-la-Petite, on 11 April 1977.

Nag in Parys

Drie vuurhoutjies, een vir een in die nag
Die eerste een om jou hele gesig te sien
Die tweede om jou oë te sien
Die laaste een om jou mond te sien
En die allesomvattende donker om volkome te onthou
hoe ek jou in my arms vashou.

Vertaler: De Waal Venter


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