Posted by: De Waal | August 18, 2010

How to get into heaven

Falling into conversation

with a minor angel,

I learned quite a bit

about rugby.

The angel only had

a hundred years

to talk to me,

and still a lot to do,

so we changed the subject

to spiritual matters.

According to the angel

heaven is a modern place,

more advanced in fact

than the latest here on earth.

And in order to get in,

you have to book,

by reading the right books,

and more importantly,

understand the ununderstandable.

Then sift through all you’ve read,

the angel said.

In there is a piece of entry code.


Click here to listen to the poem

How to get into heaven


  1. De Waal. Jou toon voel nog net dieselfde. Netjies gekunsteld, die stuk. Ek merk nou eers op dat WordPress op die een of ander wyse nie by ons gesluit is, soos ander blog-werwe nie.

  2. ”Shalom ”
    Laat my gedagtes dwaal na die mens se ewige soeke na meer,…meer kennis, meer tyd, meer insig in die ‘onsigbare’…..Sou daardie kennis ons lewe vergemaklik of net bloot na groter waansin stuur ?…..Hierdie ”engel-gesprek” is treffend in sy ‘aweregse ‘ aanslag….ek hou hiervan !

  3. How to get into heaven

    I love the idea on talking to an Angel,it gives a new perspective towards the regular type of “Angel” being associated with love. The references of only having a hundred years to talk to the writer, gives a perspective of heaven not being associated with time and a hundred years is short for heaven. The modernisation of heaven can give the reader a better perspective of what we think heaven should look like for the modern human. But in all it comes together that heaven must have a high qualification.

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